The Fontijne laboratory Platen Presses are being used in the polymer processing, rubber, and composites industry.

The presses are utilized as sample preparation equipment for: Quality control, Research and Materials development.

For customer specific solutions we offer our LabPro Series.

Design features

accurate heat distribution


  • Custom build, to meet specific requirements
  • Compact and simple to operate
  • Ergonomic
  • Reliable construction
  • Electrical heating and watercooling integrated
  • Low noise level in operation & high safety level
More info

Press frame: an ergonomic mode of operation because of the two columns press frame. The lower platen is connected to the hydraulic cylinder and an upper platen is mounted on the press frame.


Press Platens: equipped with electrical cartridge heating elements and cooling channels, which make it possible to heat-up and cool-down the product. The newly designed platens guarantee an accurate temperature distribution over the platen surface.

Hydraulic unit: The dual integrated pumps ensure fast closing and accurate pressing and adjust the pressure automatically to maintain a stable press force on the sample product.

control systems

Our presses are equipped with digital press force and temperature controllers.
The standard Manual control has a basic user interface, this can be extended by a Programmable and PC control system; the Lab Pro-View.


  • Temperature & pressure control
  • 7” touch panel
  • Storable table program with three phases on time base


  • Temperature & pressure control
  • 7” touch panel
  • Storable recipe builder
  • Simple Process Pre View
  • Read-out of Data Acquisition
  • Meets ASTM/DIN/ISO Standards


  • Temperature & pressure control
  • 15” touch panel
  • Storable recipe builder with commands and events
  • User defined subroutines
  • Process Pre View
  • Data acquisition of selectable parameters with export to Excel
  • Meets ASTM/DIN/ISO Standards